My paintings emphasize the depth and complexity of stroke and form, reflecting human nature by combining strength and softness. Through the precise application of color and paint, I strive to infuse control with an emotional velocity that moves the dynamic beyond the canvas. Backed with self-built frames and hand-stretched canvas, I hope that the physicality within my compositions remind the viewer of my process and transcends mere visuality.

Recently I returned from the countryside of France, painting alone in an environment and culture completely new to me. Over the two-month span, the outdoor terrace of my home became my atelier. My paintings certainly shifted stylistically as I was forced to adapt to the element of au plain air—laying my canvases on cold concrete using found cinder blocks and bricks to keep it flat. Sometimes hovering above, other times on my knees, I had to find a new way to paint to maintain the fluidity of my process. Each piece created in France depicts its own intimate experience, a collaborative process and the unpredictable quality of nature. The force of the wind, the harsh piercing rain settling on top of the previous day's strokes affected the outcome of the compositions.